Goldzilla has many options for entertaining both you and your dog. Activities are free unless otherwise noted.

Audi Golden Opportunity Photo Contest

Have your dog photographed in or near a beautiful Audi automobile, provided by our Platinum sponsor, Audi of Minneapolis and St. Paul. All photos will be posted on Facebook for voting, and the five (5) photographs with the most “likes” will each be awarded $10 in RAGOM Bucks. Review photo contest rules.

Memorial Board

As we celebrate the lives of our beloved dogs at Goldzilla, we remember those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our Memorial Board is a place to remember and honor them. We’d love to include your loved one(s). All are welcome, no matter their breed or if they were adopted from RAGOM or not. Send a clear photo and brief caption to
[email protected], and be sure to stop by and see your loved one’s photo at Goldzilla.

Lure course

In lure coursing, dogs chase a mechanically operated lure around a system of pulleys. Lure coursing is a great way to spend time with your best friend and enjoy his or her athleticism. It also promotes endurance and helps your dog become more responsive and focused. Lure course tickets are $10 each, and include a $3 coupon for RAGOM merchandise.


Is your dog an agility pro who loves to show off? Or maybe you’d like to enroll your dog in agility but not sure how he or she will react. Take advantage of our fenced agility area and find out! Agility equipment is for dogs only.

Beach swimming

Does your Golden love water? Is that a silly question? Head down to the beach, unsnap that leash, and enjoy the show while your dog romps in Long Lake. You can walk down to the lake or catch the dog-friendly Goldzilla shuttle.

Ask a Trainer

Does your dog have a behavior you’d like to help them change? Curious about why dogs do certain things? Here’s your chance to ask a trainer! Cheryl Gfrerer, owner of Giffy dog and certified Karen Pryor Academy trainer will be at Goldzilla to answer your questions! Find Cheryl at the Giffy Dog booth.

Off-leash play

Although we generally require our canine attendees to be leashed when they’re not enjoying a swim in Long Lake, you can set your dog free in the Goldzilla off-leash play area.

Paw prints painting

New this year! We are offering PAW-CASSO take-home kits. For $5 you will get a wooden die cut of a paw print or golden retriever and the supplies you need for your furry artist to paint you a work of art.

Capture your dog’s paw prints with an artist-embellished Paw Print painting masterpiece! Volunteers will stamp your dog’s paw on a 5×7 canvas board with the paint color of your choice and then an artist will turn it into a cherished treasure, ready for you to frame and display! These artist-embellished Paw Print paintings are $10 each. Cash taken at the booth, or buy a voucher at the merchandise tent.

Scavenger Hunt

Join the fun and explore the park by participating in a scavenger hunt! For just $1 and a completed hunt form you will receive a prize for your pup and be entered into a drawing for $50 RAGOM bucks. Pick up your hunt form at the Information Booth.

Doggie Lotto

Doggie Lotto is a game of chance! Cost is just $1, and your dog will win a prize!

Nail Trims and Ear Cleaning

Dr. Hansen and the students from the Northwood Technical College Veterinary Technician program will be offering free nail trims and ear cleanings for your dog!

Visit the DIY Selfie Station to capture some memorable Goldzilla pictures with your pups. And be sure to send them to RAGOM via the QR code posted there.

Goldzilla Fun Fair & Walk for Rescue