Check back this summer for Goldzilla 2019 updates!

Goldzilla has many options for entertaining both you and your dog. Activities are free unless otherwise noted.

Ears & tails game—new for 2018!

Ears & Tails is easy and fun for the whole family! The grand prize is $200, and winning is sheer luck. Buy a string of beads at Goldzilla for admission to the game. Each time our announcer tosses a coin, you guess “ears” or “tails”—if you guess correctly, you keep your bead and stay in the game for the next toss. The last person wearing beads is the winner! Bead necklaces are $5 each.

Paw prints painting—new for 2018!

Capture your dog’s paw prints or let your dog craft their own masterpiece! Make one or several paw prints on canvas or acrylic paper and then embellish with paint, brushes, and markers to create a work of art. This is a wonderful way to make memories with your favorite pets! Paw print paintings are $5 each and include clean-up supplies.

Memorial wall—new for 2018!

To honor the dogs we’ve loved and lost, we’re creating a Memorial Wall—a beautiful tribute to the special dogs who have touched our lives. We are accepting photos of all beloved dogs, even if they weren’t adopted from RAGOM. Bring a 4×6 (or smaller) photo to Goldzilla to place on the wall.

K9 Nose Work® demonstrations

In Nose Work, one dog and one handler form a team to mimic professional detection dog tasks. The dog must find a hidden target odor and alert the handler to be rewarded with food or a toy. K9 Nose Work is gaining popularity with many dogs and their humans—it also benefits dogs with disabilities or behavior problems. Demonstrations will include opportunities for your dog to try Nose Work. To learn more, visit

Audi photo contest

Have your dog photographed in or near a beautiful Audi automobile, provided by our Platinum sponsor, Audi of Minneapolis and St. Paul. All photos will be posted on Facebook for voting, and the three photographs with the most “likes” will each be awarded $10 in RAGOM Bucks. Review photo contest rules.

Lure course

In lure coursing dogs chase a mechanically operated lure around a system of pulleys. Lure coursing is a great way to spend time with your best friend and enjoy his or her athleticism. It also promotes endurance and helps your dog become more responsive and focused. Lure course tickets are $6 each.

Doggie lotto

Let your dog play the lottery at Goldzilla! It’s simple—we fill a small pool with tennis balls numbered to indicate prize levels, and your dog jumps in and grabs a tennis ball to see what he or she has won. Doggie lotto draws are $2 each.


Is your dog an agility pro who loves to show off? Or maybe you’d like to enroll your dog in agility but not sure how he or she will react. Take advantage of our fenced agility area and find out!

Beach swimming

Does your Golden love water? Is that a silly question? Head down to the beach, unsnap that leash, and enjoy the show while your dog romps in Long Lake. You can walk down to the lake or catch the dog-friendly Goldzilla shuttle.

Off-leash play

Although we generally require our canine attendees to be leashed when they’re not enjoying a swim in Long Lake, you can set your dog free in the Goldzilla off-leash play area.

RAGOM reunions

Meet families and their RAGOM dogs who share a similar background with your RAGOM dog. Trade stories, connect with old friends, and make new friends! If you adopted a dog from the following groups, stop by with your RAGOM dog during your 30-minute time slot.

Tent 1
9:00 AM—Hoarding and Pine River (rescued from any hoarding situation or 2013 Pine River)
10:45 AM—A family affair (moms rescued with their litters or litters born in foster care)
11:30 AM—Adult breeder and auction (rescued as adults from breeders or at auction)
12:45 PM—Breeder and auction puppies (rescued as puppies from breeders or at auction)

Tent 2
9:15 AM—Sugar-faced seniors (lightly sprinkled or full-on sugar—all seniors welcome)
11:00 AM—Honorary Goldens (Golden in heart and spirit)
11:45 AM—Turkish Goldens (Goldens from Turkey)
1:00 PM—Oodles of Doodles (all laid-back and crazy, fun-loving Doodles)