Fundraising Tips

Need some suggestions to get started?

Ask everyone

Make a list of your family members and friends. Think broadly and include your dog’s friends, too—the groomer, veterinarian, pet sitter, and your neighbors. Consider the dog-loving people you encounter in your everyday life. Maybe some of the businesses you frequent would be willing to donate.

Tell your story from the heart

What do you love about RAGOM? Tell your dog’s story or the story of a special dog in RAGOM’s care.

Email your contacts

Email your contact list and include a link to your fundraising page. Explain why RAGOM is important to you. Tailor your message to your audience—you might need a few different versions if you have, for example, a “friends” group and a “work” group.

Use social media

Post a link to your fundraising page and post regular updates about your progress. It’s easy to do using the buttons found on the Share My Page screen. Thank your donors publicly on Facebook—it’s a great way to recognize your contributors and motivate others to donate.

Put your dog to work

Dogs are great at fundraising too! Go door-to-door with your dog through your neighborhood. While your neighbors are on the receiving end of a wagging tail, you can tell them about the services RAGOM provides. Dogs can also sell kisses or high fives—and their proceeds will help dogs in need.

Plan an event

Hold a bake sale, craft sale, or garage sale. Set up a lemonade stand, dog wash, or even a car wash! Kids loves these types of fundraising events, so consider asking them to help.

Fundraise at work

Email your coworkers and ask them to support you in your fundraising efforts. Bring in treats to thank your peers for supporting you. Hold a bake sale—and don’t forget the homemade dog treats! Place a jar in your office, near the vending machines, or in the lunchroom, and ask your coworkers to drop in their extra coins.

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