Silent Auction Information

Below are details regarding the Goldzilla silent auction. If you have a question and can’t find the answer below or on the bidding website, please email [email protected].

Register for the Goldzilla silent auction

Although you can register at Goldzilla, we recommend registering in advance, so you can enjoy other Goldzilla activities and be ready to bid when the auction opens!

Register from September 8-11, 2021 to set up your profile and receive your bidder number:

  1. Visit on a computer, tablet, or mobile device
  2. Review the welcome and auction overview information
  3. Click or tap the blue “Register Now” button
  4. Allow text messages to keep track of your bids throughout the auction
  5. Enter your mobile number, email, address, and credit card information to complete registration (your credit card will be charged only if you place a winning bid)
  6. Your bidder number will appear on screen—please keep track of this number—it is the identifier you will use to place bids throughout the auction!

Smartphones are not required

Goldzilla volunteers with iPads will be available at the silent auction tent to help you register and bid if you do not have a smartphone. You can also pre-register from a home computer prior to the event.

When you register, you can opt to receive text messages on your non-smartphone device so you can be notified when you have been outbid on an item. In this case, you will be directed to return to the silent auction tent to place another bid if desired.

Winning bids

Bidding opens on Thursday, September 8 at 9:00 AM, and closes on Sunday, September 11 at 1:00 PM. Winning bids will be indicated in the bidding app and announced via text message and our public address system—then you can take your item(s) home!

3.63% credit card fee

To support the convenience of online credit card payments, a 3.63% processing fee is added to each transaction. If you prefer to pass this fee on to RAGOM, contact a volunteer at the silent auction tent to help remove this fee from your transaction. You can also pay by cash or check to avoid the fee.

You do not need to be present to bid or be awarded a winning bid

Even if you cannot attend Goldzilla (and we hope you can!), you can still participate in the silent auction. When the auction ends, winning bidders who are present can take their items home by visiting the Silent Auction tent.

If you are not present, pick-up will be available in the Twin Cities metro area (location will vary by item). Shipping for most items will also be available at your expense and will be added to your transaction total when you make the shipping arrangements. Not all items can be shipped—see below.

Some auction items cannot be shipped

Please refer to the item details and exceptions on the auction website for shipping eligibility. Oversize and heavy items (e.g., fire pits) cannot be shipped. You can either take the item home with you or pick up the item in the Twin Cities metro area (location will vary by item).

Frequently asked questions about the silent auction


Still have questions?

Email [email protected] or visit the Silent Auction page.