Tom Mosser “Golden at the Museum” Series Print

The Goldzilla 2018 silent auction will feature Tom Mosser’s “Sharing the Love at the Museum” fine art print. Only 100 giclee prints are made of each piece in the “Golden at the Museum” series, and each is signed by Tom Mosser and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The giclee is printed on heavyweight watercolor paper and measures 30 x 36 inches (image size 22 1/2 x 30 inches).

“Sharing the Love at the Museum” by Tom Mosser (Source: Almart Fine Art Publishing)

The “Golden at the Museum” series has an interesting story. Perhaps you are familiar with the original “A Golden at the Museum”—the iconic painting of a Golden Retriever admiring the likeness of a yellow tennis ball, which Tom Mosser created during a cold week in January 2013 “just for the fun of it.”

“A Golden at the Museum” by Tom Mosser (Source: Almart Fine Art Publishing)

The painting became an internet sensation after its debut at Artexpo New York in March 2013. Almart Fine Art Publishing launched the 100-piece limited edition print run in April 2013, and it quickly sold out.

TV news and media stories followed. “I was completely thrilled and humbled by the response to the first piece. I now communicate with people from all over the world. I had no idea that this would happen. It was truly amazing, and the fact that it involved my Lucas (Tom’s Golden Retriever) made it extra special,” said Tom.

Lucas enjoying his U.S. Tennis Association photo shoot.

Tom created a series of follow-up pieces that have generated over $30,000 for a variety of organizations worldwide through print and t-shirt sales. The response to the follow-up pieces has been remarkably positive as well, but Tom felt conflicted.

Says Tom, “I continued to get emails from people who had fallen in love with the first piece. I was flattered but I also felt bad.”

Tom wanted to find a way to provide them with a print while respecting the people who were able to purchase one of the original “A Golden at the Museum” prints. Tom had the idea of creating a replica of the piece, but this time Lucas would be adoring a painting of a pink tennis ball. Says Tom, “Making it a breast cancer fundraiser seemed perfect.”

Tom worked in secret during the summer of 2016 creating “A Golden at the Museum II” (or “Pink Ball at the Museum”) studying every brushstroke of the original painting. He wanted to capture the feel of the first painting while creating a piece that stood on its own. “I feel I’ve done just that. I lost both my parents to cancer so this cause hits close to me.”

“A Golden at the Museum II” by Tom Mosser (Source: Almart Fine Art Publishing)

The artwork that Tom has created continues to be a great source of pride. It has been seen by millions of people and garnered smiles all over the world. At the same time, Almart Fine Art Publishing has helped to raise money and awareness for both large and small organizations around the globe.

For more information and to view all images in the “Golden at the Museum” series, visit (filter Tom’s photos for the Museum Series).

“Rescued at the Museum” by Tom Mosser (Source: Almart Fine Art Publishing)